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10 ways to create a positive day

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:50pm

1.Use affirmations - Read and listen to affirmations so that you can begin to change your self-talk.

2. Intention - Set your intention each morning to have a positive day! Remember you choose your attitude!

3. Mindfulness - Keep your attention in the present moment.

4. Link to think -Pick something you do frequently (perhaps making a phone call) and let that be a reminder to think a positive thought.

5. Gratitude - Develop an attitude of gratitude by keeping a gratitude journal.

6. Inspiration - Read and watch inspirational and motivational material to lift your mood.

7. Positive people - Surround yourself with positive people. They will help you stay focused on the positive.

8. Kindness - Be kind to yourself and those around you.

9. Applied faith - Trust that every situation has the seeds for growth and opportunity.

10. Smile - Smile when you see others. Smile when you are talking on the phone. A smile is contagious.

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