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10 miles + 1, fasted mile ever documented, injury?

Posted May 11 2012 4:47pm
Okay.  I did something stupid.  I added a mile to my normal Sunday run (not stupid), I did mile repeats on Tuesday (not stupid), I might be injured (stupid).  Those mile repeats did it I think.  I took two days off of running and cross-trained on the elip and ran today.  And it was okay… until mile 5… when I was nice and far away.  
What is wrong?  Here goes.  The muscle in my upper right butt cheek is really tight and my hip hurts.  Self diagnose with: Piriformis Syndrome.  I don’t exactly have health insurance (or a job with income)  soooo self-diagnosing is what it will be right now.  I am working on un knotting my tight-ass.  I use a tennis ball and roll around on the floor and up against the wall.  My plan was to start training for the Chicago marathon in a month.  Poop.  Panic.  So I am going to do something needed, I think.  I am going to pre-marathon training taper.  According to how I feel, I am going to ONLY run 7 miles, 3 times a week.  No hills, no speed work.  I will use the elliptical to do intervals and inclines.  Unless it hurts.  Frick! Stupid, STUPID self!!!  
But pre-”i word” (I don’t want to say it…) I had two great runs.
Sunday 10 + 1
Really, really awesome mile repeats.  Now, 7:19 is probably the fastest mile I’ve ever run.  Mile 2 and mile 4 were my speed miles.  But the rest of my miles were awesome too.  During the run I felt GREAT so I pushed myself.  Nothing hurt until later that afternoon.  Silly body.
Honestly, I am really beating myself up about getting hurtish.  I feel silly.  I’ve been doing this long enough.  I pushed myself too hard.  Lesson learned.  
What do I do?  Anyone else have Piriformis Syndrome?  Help!!!  How do I ice it?  I can ice my hip but what about my butt??  That is a silly question.  What about heat?  
I hope everyone else is having a great Friday.  I am crabby about my body and about some pending job-related stuff.  Time to snap out of it!!!
Happy friday!

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