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10 Inspiring Quotes for Uninspiring Times

Posted Dec 04 2012 11:24pm

10 Inspiring Quotes for Uninspiring Times

Just a little dose of inspiration for those moments when you need it most.

  1. Your best music is still inside you. – The only way for us to have long-term happiness and success is to live by our highest principles, to consistently act in accordance with what we believe our life is in fact about.  That music you hear inside you motivating you to take risks and follow your dreams is your instinctive calling to the true purpose in your heart and mind.  Don’t ignore it.  Be enthusiastic about all that you do, and the possibilities that lie ahead.  Have the courage to pursue your calling.  Don’t die with your music still in you.  Read The Power of Intention .
  2. It’s never too late to be who you could have been. – It’s a matter of switching gears, never looking back, and BECOMING the person today that you always knew you were capable of being.  Entertain every thought, say every word, and make every decision from their point of view.  Walk the way they would walk, dress the way they would dress, and spend your free time the way they would spend theirs.  Choose the friends they would choose, eat the meals they would eat, and love and appreciate yourself the way they would.  These steps MUST come in order for there to be change.  There’s no other option, no other way.  But since this person is who you REALLY are deep down, that makes this task a bit easier.  You just have to STOP BEING WHO YOU AREN’T.
  3. You are greater than the problems you face. – You are more than what you are going through.  You are not the mistakes you have made.  Let (more…)

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