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Dec 01 2009 by RunnerDude
Thanks for the vote Hannah! Greatly appreciated!!--RunnerDude
Dec 01 2009 by karobson
My first marathon, the longest run I did was 15 miles. I think my total for a week was 30. If you ran 16, you will do fine. the best advice is take it slow.
Dec 01 2009 by karobson

I got your message on running your 1st marathon. Here are my thoughts. Your goal is to finish. To break it up, stop at each water stop and walk through. Do not drink at every stop, however. Drink when you need to drink.

Miles18-26 is the toughest. If you need to walk, walk. Do not go out too fast. Take your time at the start. These are some thoughts I'm curious to know which marathon you are running. Good luck.