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my name is Hannah and I am a 20-something living in Philadelphia. My blog is centered around running and my journey towards living healthfully and fully while attending grad school, working and living with my boyfriend.
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  this week has been a b ...

  this week has been a bit rough. with Max being put to sleep on Monday, just work, and generally not feeling great. also, my...


computer is a little sick…hopefully things will resume shortly?!

tearful monday

monday’s are horrible enough. this monday was one of the worst. all weekend max our little kitty who has been sick with FIP stopped...

Check out Janae’s giveaway ...

Check out Janae’s giveaway this sunday was pretty uneventful.. homework.., paperwork for work, groceries, the gym, and a very lazy...


It is almost 1 pm.. and it is already a WONDERFUL SATURDAY! REASONS WHY? 1. 17.5 miles done 2. Free Massage following those VERY HARD...

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