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Anyone hate to drink water?

Posted by myisha b.

For people like me who hate to drink water please let me know how to get as much down me as i can each day. How do you do it? It is a struggle everyday for me. Before I joined this Wellsphere I never (and I mean never maybe 1 glass a week, if that) drank water. Now im trying and I just can't sike myself into liking it. How do you do it?
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If you don't mind me asking, what did you drink before?
well for me is been easy to drink it , i rather drink it cold

Yeah, I hate water, and I used to drink several sodas a day. To help wean me off of soda and onto water, I started adding Crystal Lite (I know you asked if it was cheating; I would say NO).

Also, I found that if I got like this gigantic bottle of water - I'm talking 1 liter - I would drink more water in a day. It was easy to drink if it was already there, you know?

Hi,myisha pretty name I'm Nykai and I hear what your saying about drinking water on a regular basis I just signed up with Wellsphere and before that ,I haven't drank water in one full month thats not good.I know its something that we really need though so when your really thirsty for soda "dont go there"ice cold water is a great thirst quencher okay!
I find if I drink it through something with a straw, it's easier for some reason. I also take fruit juice, like white grape, apple, cranberry, etc. and freeze it in ice cube trays and add them to my water for some flavor.
One idea my doctor has worked out with me (no its not the best but it has worked for me in the past) Is for every drink I have I have to drink the same amount of water right after. 1 cup of coffee- then rinse out and fill same cup with water and drink, then I can go back and get another cup of coffee. I agree what was said about a straw too. I am so used to sodas from fountains that having a cup with lid and straw seems to make a difference and for me, reusable and handy to have at work.

I didn't like water either and now I love it...I'm going to make a suggestion and it will sound a little weird at first but if you try it, then it will be easier for you:


start scraping your tongue. 


get a tongue scraper. not only will it make your breath fresher and kissing better it will make your palate more sensitive and things you didn't like before (like water) will start to taste very good.


Cold water is not good for the body. You're giving a body that needs to have internal heat a shock...not good. On a very hot summer day, it's cool and expected but doesn't make sense for the other seasons. Lukewarm water is much healthier. 


Add lemon juice to your water too. It's a great cleanser and a great aid in helping to lose weight. I hope this helps. 

yes I was but now I used to drink a lot of water within a day, as I suffered from lots of problem because of lack of water, If the water consumption is less, then the person can face body heat and other internal health issues, all delivering signs of less-water-level to the body. Your body needs to get hydrated for which plenty of water a day is required to be consumed without fail. So just drink a lot of water everyday.


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