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Adding flavor to your water

Posted by myisha b.

Does adding flavor to your water (such as crystal light and other sugar free mixes) count as drinking water or is that cheating?
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In my opinion, it isn't cheating. The mix simply adds flavor.
that works , i rather just drink cold water , yum!!

When I belonged to Weight Watchers, they told us that Crystal Light could certainly be counted as drinking 'water'. They didn't mention any other sugar free mixes, but personally, I would think they would count.

Coffee and tea did not count, even though they are made with water. I'm not sure exactly why, unless caffeine had something to do with it. But then they do sell caffeine-free.

I drink about 1 liter of room-temperature water during the day (after a large coffee!) and then another liter at night (usually at my 2nd job): that's the container I add the flavor to, otherwise I could never make it through so much! And I feel really good about my results on this plan....

I believe it totally counts as 'water' because the sugar-free/caffeine-free options add practically nothing else: you can also find vitamin-enriched additives and anti-oxidant boosters now, which I say all contribute to the end result of drinking that extra serving of H2O when you otherwise might not! Go Team!!

Chrystal Light contains aspartame. I avoid it. Not only can it make you feel bloated and retain fluids, it's associated with many serious health risks.
I wouldn't think it would be a bad thing. I admit there really isnt any I have found that I can get down though. Also for some reason I have learned I will drink the water quicker if I don't add ice. I know I'm odd but if it's too cold I wont touch it.

I like the flavors, but I see them as cheating. I do not feel as good drinking them as I do when I drink plain water. They often lead too me having UTIs so I avoid them as much as possible. The thing I do find hard to give up is coffee! It does not keep me awake or give me energy, I just love the way it taste. I am a member of the Gevalia coffee club and I alway get the most delicious coffees! I tell myself I am going to drink as much or more water as I do coffee, but never do! I am going to try harder though!


Kathlyn S. is right about that aspartame. Add flavor to water would probably help me double my intake, but not with aspartame! no way!

But adding flavor is not a cheat. You can also get extra fluid intake through watery foods, like watermelon or cucumbers.

It does still count because it still filters through your kidneys and cleans your system, but like others have said, it depends on what you are adding. I add stuff to water because I really don't like drinking it plain but I have been experimenting with different things- I tried adding a few drops of rose water and vanilla extract which was surprisingly good!
In the weight loss program that I personally used and now am a certifed coach of to help others, Crystal Light would be a no-no.  The only drink mix that is permitted is one called True Lemon/Lime/Orange.  You need to watch the ingredients and you need ZERO calories. 

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