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I am a 26 yr old female. I live with my husband of 4 years, we've been together for 10. He was diagnosed with huntington's disease in 2007.It is progressing quickly,but we try to stay strong. We have no children, but we have our furry kids-our cats and dogs. My husband is no longer able to work,I work part time as a waitress.My job allows me to be able to work part time to still have enough time to get things done at home, and help take care of my husband, I am his only caregiver. Without the... Full Bio
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I keep having a sharp pain under my left lower ribs, heartburn,insomnia, and feeling of fullness in upper abdomen under sternum.

I keep getting a SHARP stabbing pain under my lower left ribcage, once the pain was so sharp and sudden I passed out.I've gotten it alot, but...
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