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Guillaume C.

I started doing karate 7 years ago as a sport to keep in shape during college. During my senior year, I discovered Shotokan Karate of America at the UBC dojo in Vancouver. At first I thought: "What a bunch of crazy guys that practice really hard!" but, since then that is exactly what has keep me coming back. I just can't stop going to practice nowadays... Cross-training is also a must. I personally recommend cycling, rock climbing, swimming, snowboarding and running, not in that... Full Bio
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Mar 30 2008 by Su-Lin W.

Now I feel part of the in-crowd...

Jan 15 2008 by David S.
Hey Guillaume!  I just saw your new goal!  That is awesome!  Make sure you train hard and focus ALL your attention on achieving your goal!  You can't let ANYTHING distract you if you want to succeed! All your attention must be keenly focused on your target!
Jan 12 2008 by David S.
Hey Guillaume! Just wanted to give you some encouragement! (Belated) congratulations on your black belt!

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