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Parker, Colorado
Greg Katz is the founder of Surviving Strong and Surviving Strong TV.  Surviving Strong is... Full Bio
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After You Fall To Your Knees….How Do You Get Up?

The month of April is filled with the anniversaries of national tragic events. We recently honored the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting....

What Does the Word “Survivor” Mean to You?

We all attribute meaning to words based on the context in our lives. The word survivor has been bestowed upon those who live with a chronic or...

Who Has Inspired You In Your Life?

I was watching Good Morning America and one of the segments focused on Robin Roberts’ new book, “Everybody’s Got Something.” Each of the anchors...

Mickey Rooney’s Final Words

It’s amazing to think about what our last words on this earth may be because it’s the last time we’ll make a conscious decision about our action...

Do You Shy Away From the Hard Questions?

When we’re facing a chronic or life-threatening illness there are lots of questions. We want to know how, why, and what’s next. We ask about...

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