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Parker, Colorado
Greg Katz is the founder of Surviving Strong and Surviving Strong TV.  Surviving Strong is... Full Bio
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Have A Good Life: Lessons from Vacation Part 1

Recently I took a Trans-Atlantic cruise from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale. After stopping at a few ports it was time to cross the Atlantic...

We Walk This World As Pilgrims

We’re familiar with the pilgrims of the Middle Ages struggling to make it to the Holy Land. They overcame many obstacles, fought wars, and...

The Anxiety Fugue

Yesterday I talked about taking my black lab, Tashi, to the vet because of her trouble walking. I wrote about needing cue cards because the...

I Need Cue Cards When Visiting the Vet

The saga of my black lab Tashi continues. At the beginning of last week I noticed that she was having some trouble walking and would drag her...

I Wish My Vet Saw People

If you follow me on Twitter (@GregKatz2), Facebook, or on these posts you know I have a black lab named Tashi that was diagnosed with MRSA...

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