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Parker, Colorado
Greg Katz is the founder of Surviving Strong and Surviving Strong TV.  Surviving Strong is... Full Bio
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Living in Fear? Time to Change Your Address!

We all have an address, whether it is a physical address that the snail mail gets delivered to or a heart address where you and others connect...

Interior Designers, The New Motivational Experts?

We know that where you live impacts how you live. Your environment effects how you move through our day. Your home should be your sanctuary. It...

Playing Life Poker? What Trumps What?

Every play rock, paper, scissors when you were a kid? There’s a hierarchy in the game and the goal is to try and always be the one to come out...

Arthur Ashe’s Life Principle(s)

I was listening to the audio of Andy Andrews book, Mastering the Seven Decisions. It is the follow-up to his monumental book The Traveler’s...

Enjoy Your Own Company

We’re social creatures. We spend most of our days interacting with people in our family, our work situations, and our civic/social arenas. We’re...

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