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Your Finger Nails Can Tell Your Health

Posted May 03 2009 10:11pm 1 Comment

Do you know that your finger nails can tell a lot about your health? Let us find out how you can tell about your health by just looking at your finger nails.

The nails are present at the end of each finger tip on the dorsal surface.The main function of nail is protection and it also helps for a firm grip for holding articles.It consists of a strong relatively flexible keratinous nail plate originating from the nail matrix. Under the nail plate there is a soft tissue called nail bed .Between the skin and nail plate there is a nail fold or cuticle.Normal healthy nail is slight pink in colour and the surface is convex from side to side.Finger nails grow 1 cm in three months and toe nails take 24 months for the same.


Importance of nails in disease diagnosis:

The colour ,appearance,shape and nature of the nails give some information about the general health and hygiene of a person . Nails are examined as a routine by all doctors to get some clues about underlying diseases. Just looking at nails we can makeout the hygiene of a person.The abnormal nail may be congenital or due to some diseases.The cause for changes in the nail extend from simple reasons to life threatening diseases.Hence the examination by a doctor is essential for diagnosis .Some abnormal findings with probable causes are discussed here for general awareness. (more…)

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My 15 year old daughter has very small moons and they are flat not curved and she also has a red line just below where the nail grows beyond the nail bed her toe nails are the same Any idea what we are looking at here?
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