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You know you love fitness when….

Posted Apr 16 2012 6:11am

guide to being a fitness lover

Looking around here this weekend and with things that have been going on, I realized…
I really love fitness…(well DUH right?!)
Which I knew before but some of my actions seem (to others anyhow) a bit odd
So, today’s post….

You know you love fitness when

The majority of your wardrobe consists of yoga clothes, athletic wear, sports bras

You wear said wardrobe out in public often and consider it to be your main style

You sell your dining room table to make room to do yoga since your living room isn’t really wide enough…
then find a treadmill on sale on Craigslist that you can’t pass up and lug it up 3 flights of stairs and now is used in what used to be dining room, then yoga area.

You list your bed & mattress for sale so you can turn bedroom into fitness room!
One pitfall of renting a stupidly small 2/2 condo…but hey I usually sleep on floor or couch anyhow…
so sell the bed/mattress and move the BallBike , the treadmill, and the trampoline into the bedroom/fitness room!

You have more than one or even two yoga mats…
3 yoga mats in the corner of living room

and some more…
3 more yoga mats in the bedroom

and perhaps another one or two along with a meditation cushion and acupressure mat

I won’t mention the 6ft round yoga mat that’s under the bed because there’s no place else to put it!
oppps I did just mention it….

You have variety of videos, jump ropes, kettlebells , dumb bells just laying around amongst your cork yoga blocks

You have a container full of balance pods , balls, resistance bands & tubing and other goodies

You experience giddy euphoria when asked to demo or review a new fitness gadget

You’re trying to figure out how to get to 2012 Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference because it’s a must go to and even better’s held the one time of the year I could feasibly go…summer, when I could leave Christa with someone, enabling me to actually go!

Alas, though there’s the issue of ohhhhh about $1000 between registration, hotel, air fare…
No, I have no family to ask for help — was recently cut off from them so it’s me & my daughter and an occasional visit with my son & his baby girl (yea I’m a grandmother now), my ex’s family IS my own family at this point)
And, y’all remember I’m single…no BF or hubby…
So here’s the shameless plea…anyone (company, brand, individual who wants to sponsor any part of this or make a donation for any part of this would be most greatly appreciated!)
-I need airfare (via SouthWest preferably since they have nonstop flights and easy schedule that works perfectly for event!) which is around $400 round trip
-The hotel is $99 night for 3 nights.
-The registration is $250 for me.

If your company/brand would like to sponsor me, email me . I will give you massive amounts of coverage on this blog, along with Twitter , along with 2 Facebook pages and Pinterest and other sources as well.

Or if you just want to help with a donation….
You can donate via the button here

You have extra sweat towels in the car in case you decide to go for a run or a playground workout.

You really want to head a head gear camera to video some of your runs, trail rides, etc.

You have goals and plans that involve fitness related aspirations

Question of the day
Do you love fitness? yoga? running? lifting?
Do you own more workout clothes than regular street clothes?

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