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Writing Like Mad

Posted Mar 26 2013 5:28pm
Been writing pretty much nonstop lately. One book down, a few more in the works , some new articles coming out in magazines soon, a couple of corporate projects just billed, and lots of other new things on deck . . . 

Writing is my passion. It is as necessary to my daily life as the air I breathe. If you haven't found a passion like that in your life yet, keep looking. Hint: it's the thing you sneak around and do*, no matter what else you're supposed to be doing**.

As for your kids, don't worry about helping them find their passion. They don't need to find it. It finds them.

** I have a big brown grocery bag of poems I wrote when I was a teen, and they are scribbled on the back of every kind of paper you can imagine, from when I was in school, at work, at movies and parties and doctors' offices and everywhere in between.
*** I'm not supposed to be writing right now.  I'm supposed to be somewhere. Gotta' go. Will bring paper and a pen with me . . .  
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