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Worth the Forty Miles

Posted Aug 12 2008 4:20pm

So the math computations regarding my weekly gas usage continue. Back in May, when I decided to consider " what is my limit ?" rather than "what is the limit?" I determined 7 bucks a day, or $49 a week worth of gas is my limit. Within a week or two, after making some lifestyle changes and using alternative means of transportation, we saw that we could manage on $35 a week.

Now, with a three-month track record behind me, I'm starting to think more in terms of miles rather than cost, since I can track the miles easier in the course of the week (and since the price of gas seems to have stabilized for now).

I've landed on 120 miles per week of driving. At four bucks a gallon at approximately 20 miles to the gallon, that comes to 6 gallons for a cost of $24 dollars. I get a little less than 20 gallons a mile, but sometimes I've driven less than the 120 miles, so my new range appears to be from 20-30 bucks per week to fill up my tank as a pretty realistic target goal.

And so, you might think it's crazy of me to have "spent" 40 miles on the first day of the week for a round-trip to Decatur to visit the Oakhurst Community Garden. But if you have been there, you won't question this decision at all. It is totally worth the forty miles.

I hadn't been to the garden since the day before my mother's life-changing accident back in February. My younger daughter was actually a little nervous that she would be sad, just remembering what happened.

But then we arrived, turning the corner into a whole other world, where the "bones" of the February garden had exploded with abundant growth. Tomatoes strained the vines on which they hung pendulously. Squash rambled like off-the-leash dogs. The fig tree dipped its fruit-laden branches down to touch the earth in an open invitation. And gorgeous, elegant heirloom chickens, gold and red and black, were scurrying everywhere like security officers at a rock concert, pecking here, checking there.

For those in the Atlanta area, here's a heads up about the Decatur Garden Tour the weekend of September 28th and 29th, and, yes, the Oakhurst Community Garden is on the tour.

And for those elsewhere on our FoodShed Planet, maybe there's a community garden near you (or 20 miles away) that you haven't explored yet. If it's anything like this garden, it's worth every mile.
Nurturing sustainability close to home and around the world. (And other food for thought!)

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