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World gripped in cold

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am 1 Comment

US gripped with low temps

China is the same

India too

As Britain told to expect snow for ‘next 10 days’, how is the rest of the world is coping with this Arctic weather? | Mail Online.

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Oh no! This sounds terrifying. People are really getting much affected of the bad weather we are experiencing. But aside from weather, there's another issue that most of the people do like to talk about and this is all about loans. If the normal person defaults on a mortgage or obligation, they're called a deadbeat.  When billionaires or a company supposedly setting high standards like Morgan Stanley does it, it's called strategic default.  They decided to simply default on their secured loans for business properties, and return the property to the lenders.   Granted, there's a reason for it – if you owe more than a property is worth, there's no point to keeping it, but that being said, if consequences for a normal citizen aren't comparable or less than those for the richest of the rich, then something is definitely wrong.

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