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World Clean Air Forest Initiative Offers Inexpensive Reforestation Program Suitable For Most Anyone

Posted Apr 14 2010 8:00am

The fresh air which each of us needs in order to survive is produced primarily by 3 natural systems, boreal forests and prairies, tropical rainforests and oceanic plants. Tragically, modern living has caused the existence of these vital ecological macro organisms to suffer huge losses.

The ideal solution is to mend our behavior. However, as important as such modifications are, they represent only a single step. In other words, healing from wounds cannot begin until the infliction has ended. Nevertheless, since the fate of every living thing on Earth hangs in the balance, I am firm in my belief that we must begin aggressive reforestation efforts on every continent and do so immediately.

Through its Plant For The Planet campaign, the World Clean Air Forest Initiative offers most anyone the chance to make a real difference, to begin a reforestation campaign with a single tree. Over and above the fact that the World Clean Air Forest Initiative offers its reforestation kit for very little money is the fact that the organization helps its supporters glean the recognition they deserve by registering the planting and then by matching it with their own planting.

That is exactly the type of encouraging effort around which global campaigns of reforestation can be built. There are many other fine organizations engaged in widespread reforestation efforts but the Plant For The Planet campaign of the World Clean Air Forest Initiative is the first of its kind I’ve seen which really brings home all of the necessary concepts such as geographic reach, collaboration with peer organizations (the United Nations, in this case) and institutional backing to honor the sweat equity of its supporters.

I commend the World Clean Air Forest Initiative for its innovative Plant For The Planet campaign and everything it has accomplished thus far. I am certain that it will have a lasting impact and I encourage you to visit the charity’s website to learn more. After all, the base price of a handsome Clean Air Tree Kit is just £4.99. The address of the homepage of the World Clean Air Forest Initiative is

Fomenting the Triple Bottom Line

Corbett Kroehler

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