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Woman Facing Prosecution For Vegetable Garden in the Free USA

Posted Jul 07 2011 5:52pm
Are you FRAKING kidding me?!  A women, a mother, is facing 93 days in jail for growing a vegetable garden in her front yard.  This is not a joke that I am aware of, just a city with too much time on it's hands apparently.

She isnt growing mary jane.  There is no trash in her yard.  This isnt even some unruly wild vegetable garden.  It is a raised bed, nice and organized garden.  93 days in jail.  Seriously.

You can contact the following people with your letters
Mayor Gerald Naftaly's e-mail:
City Planner Kevin Rulkowski's e-mail: krulkowski@ci.oak-park.mi. ​us
Council Person Angela Diggs Jackson:
Council Person Paul Levine:
Council Person Emile Duplessis:

Though the second email doesn't seem to be working.
Here is my letter, written in a rush through slight rage but feel free to use it as a base;

"I'm sorry but I am floored at the thought of this woman being prosecuted for growing vegetable gardens in her front yard. 
"in her front yard" "her yard"It's not drugs, it's not litter, it's not feces.  It is food.  Who in the world decided they had a case for this and why in the world are their people choosing to back them? This makes sense to you?  Really?  Truly? 
Please rethink this while situation.  I am sure the money could be spent on more important and pressing matters.Sincerely"Hyla
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Her Facebook Group:
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Take it away blog land.  Make it big, cause if you don't they might think they have the right to come after YOU! 
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