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why is my shin red hot & swollen?

Posted by t muney

i woke up 2 days ago with a tenderness on my shin (thought that it was from working on the ladder the previous day) continued to work. then it really started to hurt i think i had a mild fever(got the chills in 98 degree day) i could now barely walk. my leg was swollen with a dark red area that is abou 2 inches across & around it it was light red all the way aound my shin. it was very warm. now it doesn't hurt so much i can push my finger into the swollen part & the indentation stay just like the tempurpedic bed commercial. now i am scared what should i do? what could this be? oh i checked for a bite mark or a penetration of some sort but nothing
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Swelling and heat may be signs of infection.  Coupled with fever, I'd definitely say have your doctor rule out infection.  May need antibiotics.
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