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Who is Generation G (Generation Green)?

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:58pm
Defining Generation G or the Green Generation

My Definition of Generation G (Generation Green) or the Green Generation is slightly different than others that are out there. I believe Generation Green is:

  • Multi-generational, crossing all age groups.
  • Multi-ethnic, crossing all ethnic groups.
  • Multi-diversity, crossing all types of people.

Generation Green is a diverse and growing body of people who are are concerned about doing green things or eco-friendly things for themselves and the environment. They are a generation that goes green, lives green, eats green, shares green, teaches green and loves green.

Generation Green ,

It's so easy to be green.
No Age Limits

The Green Generation knows no age limit. Generation Green a re children, young people, middle aged and older people. The Generation G are children and parents, students and teachers, grandparents and grandchildren all working together to save the planet.

Other Definitions of "Generation G"

When I tried to find a definition of "Generation G" I was surprised at the results. To me I figured that "Generation G"
must stand for Generation Green, but I soon discovered that people had other ideas.

Generation Global Economy

According to Deal Architect , Generation G is Generation Global Economy. This Generation G is
are part of the new Global economy - the Generation G. Commerce Corps.

Gaming Generation

According to Ian Lamont and
Richard Van Eck , associate professor of instructional design and technology at the University of North Dakota , Generation G is the Generation of Games .Generation G is the group of under-40's who belong to the video game generation, who grew up with video games as children and continue to play them as adults.

Generation Geriatrics / Generation Golden Age

Blogger Nomadicasian regards Generation G: the Generation of the Golden Age or the Generation of Geriatrics .

In this case Generation G refers to the people who are past of their prime and living their golden years.

My Definition of Generation G or the Green Generation

I still prefer my definition of Generation G, as the generation is concerned about the environment, the generation that knows no age limit.

This is the one group where the gaming generation and the geriatric generation can work together for the sake of the environment.

My Green Doc Blog is dedicated to the
Green Generation .

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