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What to do with Recalled Toys – Will Lead Paint Taint Our Landfills? - Yes!

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:36pm

I posed a question in a post a few days ago.

And what about that bag of toys spirited away from the youngsters because of lead, phthalate or concerns about other toxins? What should we do about that?

Off to the landfill?

Some states are rounding up toys for permanent destruction. If that’s not available where do we take them? The bio-hazard recycling center?


An article in The Chicago Tribune asks, Where Do Recalls End Up? The larger question that worries activists, is, what will manufacturers do with those recalled toys? The smaller question that worries parents is: what should I do with mine?

Any recalled toy can be shipped back to the manufacturer and often exchanged but, are you really going to do that with a $5.00 toy? What about the ones that have not been recalled but that you find suspicious? What if you are extra cautious and want to pitch anything made in China?

Well...any toy that you suspect contains lead paint should be taken to your local hazardous waste facility. Nope, you can't simply throw in the trash or give it to a thrift shop. Lead paint can cause neurological disease and WILL contaminate landfills. Theoretically, phthalates and other softeners are not considered hazardous waste...yet, so can go in the trash. But to be on the safe side I think consider everything dangerous.

So, off to the dump...the hazardous waste one. You can find your local facility by entering:

“Hazardous Waste Facility” and your city name in Google.

One more holiday task it seems….

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