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What is HGH & the benefits of using it

Posted Jan 30 2012 8:02am

What is HGH?
HGH is the short term for Human Growth Hormone.
HGH hormones are developed in the pituitary gland in the brain and are key to many functions.
HGH is known to be vital for tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, bone strength, healing, energy, metabolism, physical & mental health.
As people age, the ratio of the HGH hormone growth lessons.

what is hgh

Is HGH legal?
The United States Food And Drug Administration has established a maximum level of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) that can be formulated in a dietary supplement and still be legal for sale or use without a doctor’s prescription. Products that conform to the USFDA specifications and are registered with the USFDA under a specific USFDA registration number are 100% legal for sale and use without a doctor’s prescription.

Important health and fitness benefits:
Weight Loss and loss of Deep Abdominal Body Fat without strict diets
Increased Energy & Endurance
Deeper more restful Sleep
Restore skin elasticity and underlying collagen
Moderate symptoms of Menopause and Peri Menopause
Elevate Libido
Normalize Blood Pressure
Stimulate Hair Growth and Restore Original Hair Color

extra strength hgh

What expectations should I have when I start HGH Supplementation?

Everyone wants to know how long it will take to start seeing any results from HGH supplementation. Different people notice different results with homeopathic GH. Some people see immediate, dramatic results, while others experience more subtle benefits. With proper diet and exercise, the results can be faster, deeper, and more pronounced. Many people say they have begun a whole new life on GH support – you can, too!

Research shows that positive changes usually take place between one to six months, but can take up to one year. Have patience! Your GH levels may have been low for years. If your receptor sites are blocked, your body may need some time to respond in a positive manner.

If you smoke, drink, fail to exercise, or have a poor diet, the results you desire may take longer. You should also be aware that at certain times the body can shift into “neutral”, and some results seem to diminish, or vanish altogether. If you experience this, your body may either be using GH to rebuild tissue or, to a degree, be resting. Experience indicates that, after a while, you should see a resumption of the benefits and even some vast improvements. This can be very exciting!

Proper diet and exercise for faster, deeper, and more pronounced results is recommended.

hgh benefits

Month 1 – General expectations in the first month include:

Improved stamina.
Better and sounder sleep, and feeling more refreshed upon awakening.
Increase in energy.
Vivid dreams.
More optimistic attitude and better sense of humor.

Month 2 - General expectations in the second month include:

Improved muscle tone.
Improvement in nail growth.
Better digestion.
Weight loss.
Enhanced sexual function.
Improvement to skin tone.
Increase in strength.
Better eyesight, including night vision.

Month 3 – General expectations in the third month include:

Same as months 1 and 2 but probably heightened.
Some manifestations seem exceptional.
Mental processes improve, including desire to do and complete projects.
Faster recovery for wounds and muscle soreness.
Reduction in PMS symptoms.
Greater body flexibility.
Alleviation of some menopausal symptoms.
Muscle size increases, especially if the individual works out.
Hair growth.
Increase in sexual desire.
Less pain in joints.
Improved nail growth (Sign of protein, nutrient assimilation).

Month 4 – General expectations in the fourth month include:

Same as above. Generally most improvements are heightened and are more consistent. Please note again that, at times, the body may shift into “neutral” and some results seem to diminish or vanish. Your body may be suing GH to rebuild tissue or, to a degree, be resting. Experience indicates that, after a while, you should see a resumption of the benefits and even some vast improvements.

Month 5 – General expectations in the fifth month include:

Impressive weight loss and reduction of inches, since fat is reduced and muscle tissue is increased and toned.
Thickening of skin and greater elasticity.
Thickening of hair, plus a shiny and healthy appearance.
Improvement in skin texture and appearance (including lessening of skin discoloration).
Reduction of the appearance of wrinkles.

Month 6 - General expectations in the sixth month include Same as above, but now better and with more consistent results.
This could be the really exciting stage!

Cellulite greatly diminishes.
Eye sight greatly improved.
Stronger resistance to colds, flu and other illnesses.
Old wounds have healed or are healing.
Grayed hair begins to return to natural color.
Body is much more contoured.
Better emotional stability.
Some pain and soreness disappear.
Excellent exercise tolerance.
Medical tests show a reduction in cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, blood pressure normalizes, heart rate improves, some conditions that have been due to disease vanish or are diminished, and immune system improves.

With proper diet and exercise, the results may be faster, deeper and more pronounced!

Keep in mind, if you take GH looking for dramatic results quickly, you won’t be in line with the results of GH research which shows positive manifestations over 6 months to 1 year and longer. As previously stated, some people do notice immediate, dramatic results, while others experience more subtle benefits.

Everyone is different; you must consider the condition you are now in and how long you have been in this condition. Whether you notice immediate results or not, according to experience, the GH is probably still working. Please continue to be faithful to your program

For more information or to order your HGH, go here

AgeForce HGH patches are Homeopathic. They are extremely safe for short or long-term use without any side effects. Unlike costly HGH injections, these HGH patches do not require a doctor’s prescription and they are compliant with all US FDA rules and regulations governing Dietary Supplements

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or prevent, mitigate or cure any disease.

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