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As I said in the introduction to this series, most of what I talk about here is common knowledge. Most of what is wrong with humanity today is not just that we are ignorant, but that we also fail to give due consideration to what we already know.

So, here, we start with something simple that we already know – a cliché most of us have heard at one time or another:

“You are what you eat.”

I prefer to say, “You are food” because it actually goes both ways, but the gist of it is that every molecule in your body is made of matter you’ve consumed. Primarily, matter is ingested, although it is also inhaled and absorbed through skin and other membranes. But little beyond what we eat is under our control as individuals, so to emphasize air quality when talking about lifestyle choices would be a practice in futility. Basically, you, your growth, your health, your sanity, your personality, everything about you is made of what you eat.

A healthy body is dependent on having good building materials around. If all you have are bricks lying around, you get nothing but brick buildings; forget windows, doors, sinks, toilets, or anything else that makes a structure function properly. Too much or too little of essential materials makes for dysfunctional structures that affect the whole of the system; deficiency or excess = disease. In some matters, there is no such thing as a deficiency – such as would be the case with poison, but I do believe there to be such a thing as too much of anything.

We in affluent nations are all aware of how easy it is to suffer from diseases of excess related to meat consumption. America, in particular, is nearing an epidemic of obesity related medical problems because we eat nothing but corn, wheat, soy, milk, cows, pigs, and chickens. These seven items are consumed in ridiculous excess while most everything else is in deficiency. So, we have osteoporosis, anemia, heart disease, cancer, and morbid obesity all in the same nation – sometimes in a single individual. Aside from polluted air, tainted water, unfiltered sunlight, and a bit of genetics, we have little explanation for our poor physical health except for a poor diet (and maybe a little radiation).

Diet also plays a major role in our mental health as well, for obvious reasons. This reality gets little attention perhaps because it is not the only actor within our spheres of influence. For our sanity, we also need a better social environment, but food done right can come to our aid in this matter as well; I’ll have to get to that later…

For now, just spend some time thinking about what you are – not your job or anything fascinating like that; I mean your existence…

You are food.
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