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What is acidosis and 6 good reasons to avoid it

Posted Feb 01 2011 8:30am

foods that leads to acidosis

What is acidosis and why you should be concerned by your body pH balance?

Acidosis is the condition you’re in when your body pH is too acid.  To perform at its best, our internal fluids must keep a balanced pH. When we disrupt this fragile balance, the body has to compensate.  It will do anything to keep your vital pH in balance.  Thus, if the pH difference is too big, this process can disrupt your cell’s functions, leading to diseases.

Our Western diet makes us very prone to acidosis.  Don’t exercise, eat meat, dairy, sugars, alcohol and processed foods in excess and you’re on the highway to acidosis.  This, of course is also the best way to screw-up your body’s natural detox system.  But more than just impairing your body’s natural detox system, here’s a glimpse of how bad an acidic body pH can be.

6 good reasons to avoid acidosis

  1. It makes you fat: One of your body protection mechanisms is to create fat cells around organs.  The acid is somewhat less threatening for your body if it’s stored in fat cells instead of in your vital organs. As long as there’s too much acid in your blood, your body will keep this protective fat layer.
  2. It’s sapping your energy levels: To maintain your pH balance, your body filch minerals in your bone’s supplies to tamper the acid load.  This leaves you with weaker bones, but being deprived from essential minerals can also make you sluggish, tired and light-headed.
  3. It exacerbates allergies: Some organic toxins thrive in acidic environments. If your body pH is too acid, those toxins wears out your immune system and can lead to autoimmune diseases.  This process can leave you more sensitive to some foods, and create inflammation, excessive mucus, soreness, skin problems, and other allergy symptoms.
  4. It makes you age faster: Yes, acidosis can make you older.  Premature ageing is a serious condition that goes far beyond “looking older”. Too much acid leads to oxidative stress, attacking your cells. This leads to all known ageing signs, from wrinkles to bad memory, poor eyesight, weaker muscles, degenerative diseases, and so on.
  5. It’s bad for your heart: Acidosis can weaken your cardiovascular system. It also can increase blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
  6. It creates a fertile ground for cancer: Cancer cells have been found to grow faster in an acidic environment. If you suffer from chronic acidosis, you’re litteraly prepping your body for cancer cells proliferation.

What to do to alkalize your body? Check this post for tips to alkalize your body , and this one for more on the impact of acidosis on your detox system .  Want some more on acid-base balance and how to alkalize your body? Find some suggestions here

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