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What I am Loving Right Now for Green Holiday Gift Giving - All Natural, Non-Toxic, Aromatherapy Candles Sustainably Made from Be

Posted Nov 11 2011 12:00am
What I am Loving Right Now for Green Holiday Gift Giving - All Natural, Non-Toxic, Aromatherapy Candles Sustainably Made from Wholesale Pricing!

Two options - Set of Beehive Glass and Two (2) Refill candles , shown above beautifully packaged and ready to give!
- Candle Refills - Single Six (6) ounce (4.2 oz. by weight) candle - burns for over 35 hours.
I have been looking through all of my green living partner sites to prepare a Green Holiday Gift Guide but I came across a most awesome green gift giving idea that I just cannot wait to tell you about.  Since I have been trying to live more sustainably and have fewer chemical scents in my home (due to my daughters' asthma), I have fallen in love with beeswax candles and I  have discovered that Big Dipper Wax Works has the best all natural, non-toxic and non-allergenic, beeswax candles that burn clean and soot free for what seems like forever.  I like that beeswax is the purest of all waxes, is a product of the sustainable beekeeping industry and is paraffin free; paraffin is a petroleum based product that most candles are made of.

I have become a big fan of Big Dipper Wax Works' therapeutic aromatherapy candles and today I found these special candles boxed and ready to give in an adorable beehive, glass votive!  The price is right too.  You must check them out and pick some up in just the right scent for your mom, sisters, friends, teachers, coaches and anyone else who could use a little aromatherapy in their life!

Big Dipper Wax Works offers nine fabulous Aromatherapy Scents boxed and ready to give:
1. Clarity - Lime and May Chang is a cheerful, citrus tonic that fuels awareness and certainty
 2. Enlightenment - Bergamont and Mint is a fresh, energizing union that brings wisdom and clarity
 3. Harmony - Lavender and Geranium is a calming, floral blend that promotes balance and relaxation
 4. Meditation - Rosewood and Cedarwood is a calm, woody aroma that clears the mind and promotes inner peace
 5. Radiance - Ylang Ylang and Tangerine is a warm, delightful blend that inspires well being and wisdom
 6. Rapture - Patchouli and Cassia is a stirring exotic aroma that arouses passion and renews the spirit
 7. Rejuvenation - Sweet Orange and Clove Bud is a spicy, uplifting medley that revives and restores inner strength
 8. Sensuality - Palmarosa and Geranium is a warm, floral blend that relieves anxiety and sparks desire
 9. Vitality - Lemongrass and Grapefruit is a zesty, refreshing fusion that stimulates the senses and restores the spirit 
P.S.- Have you heard about The Green PolkaDot Box !
Launching soon and backed by the Organic Consumer's Association, you can easily buy NonGMO organics at wholesale pricing online.  It's like a Sam's club but focused on products for green, healthy living!!  You can even shop by dietary restrictions like gluten free, vegan or diabetic. 
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