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Wellness Wednesday – exercises for lower back pain

Posted Dec 21 2011 8:29am

As some of you know I messed up my back…again.
Cliff notes version 7 yrs ago found out had 5 herniated discs
Refused surgery
Back has been fine (other than occasional flare up if I lift too much, too long, move wrong)
I have to sleep on my back w/prop under my knees for it not to hurt

A few days ago I did something (probably lifting too much and at weird angle) and have been in pain since.
Days of sleeping on ice packs
Ice packs wrapped around my back at desk so I can get work done
Some yoga poses
Some stretching
Some exercise
And, yes exercises for lower back pain can help strengthen your back, stomach, and leg muscles. They’re what helps to support your spine, which then can lead to relieving back pain.
*Disclaimer* Always ask your doctor before doing any exercise for back pain. Depending on the intensity & cause of your pain, some exercises may not be recommended and can be harmful.

One of the exercises that usually helps mine is knees to chest lie flat on my back, bring knees up to chest, grab both legs with hands just below the knees. You’ll feel your lower back pushing into the yoga mat (or carpet or thick towel if you don’t have a yoga mat). Depending on my mood and the pain, I either stay like this or can rock gently from side to side so it gives a gentle massage of the lower back using my own body weight (convenient when there’s nobody to give you an actual massage).

Bridge pose is also good and seems to help me somewhat.
Lie down on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Put your weight on your heels and lift your hips off the floor. Keep your buttocks squeezed and your body straight. Hold for about 10 seconds, lower gently and rest.

Hamstring Stretches can help too.
Lie on your back while you raise the left leg up. Pull the leg upwards holding the leg with your hand to an extent that a slight pull is felt in the leg. This needs to be repeated 10 times switching between both legs.

Superman Pose: Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out…like Superman when he flies through the air! thus the name!
Lift your arms and legs off the ground a few inches, hold 3 seconds, and then lower to the starting position.
Repeat 10-20 times

I did all these last night and slept on ice packs (til they melted)
Today’s not as bad, but that could also be from the fact I have literally frozen my back at this point!
I feel coldness which is better than pain so it works for me!
Later I’ll be doing some more exercises and God willing this pain will be gone!

Question of the day
Do you ever experience lower back pain?
What’s your favorite yoga pose or stretch?

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