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Welcome Home, Kate (and Welcome Back, Mom!)

Posted Oct 27 2008 2:37am

Welcome home, Kate! As many of you know, my friend Kate from Hills and Plains Seedsavers in Adelaide, Australia, has been on an around-the-world trip, staying with bloggers whom she had never met from Singapore to Seattle. She calls her trip "Voyages of the Vegetable Vagabond" and I think she'll be home probably today. See the commentary and photos from her journey here. I regret we didn't have a chance to host Kate, as her trip to Atlanta would have coincided with our recent trip to Florida. But then again, I'm not sure I could have matched some of her other experiences!

As for me, I helped celebrate another incredible journey this weekend when I joined my family at the Kangaroo Conservation Center, about an hour and a half north of Atlanta. My mother had "given" the trip to my younger daughter as a birthday gift last winter, but then her life-altering auto accident put the brakes on that idea for all these months. Yet, now, able to walk again, my mother called and said, "It's time for the Kangaroo Farm."

Set on 87 acres in rural North Georgia (and an easy and beautiful ride from where I live), the Kangaroo Conservation Center is dedicated to the preservation of kangaroo species through captive breeding and public education. Currently exhibiting over 300 kangaroos of nine species, as well as birds and reptiles, the Center has successfully bred and cared for over a dozen different species of marsupials in the past 24 years. It has the largest number of kangaroos in the world outside Australia.

For folks living in the United States, seeing blue-winged kookaburras, sugar gliders, Eastern gray kangaroos and brush-tailed bettongs is quite an odd experience, especially if you're standing in North Georgia not all that far from Burt's Pumpkin Farm and the Springer Mountain start of the Appalachian Trail, where my neighbor dropped off her husband for his five-month hike to Maine a few years ago!

And seeing my mom, walking and laughing again, is a pretty cool experience, too.

So, Kate, welcome home. And Mom, welcome back!
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