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Week 38: The Labor Watch Begins…

Posted Jun 22 2009 11:12am

The beginning of the end. This might possibly be the beginning of the longest time of pregnancy! While I try not to let every little baby hiccup and Braxton-Hicks contraction put me on alert for potential labor - sometimes it’s hard. I’m eager for the baby to come, and yet I don’t want to lose the joys of being pregnant (and despite some of the complaining you might have heard from me, there are many joys).

There are some great things about being pregnant. One of my favorites is being awoken in the morning by the stretching and kicking of the baby inside. And while it’s not always the most comfortable feeling, when the baby is born, I miss that feeling. I love to sit on the couch at night and watch the baby move around. As silly as it sounds, I always feel a little empty (literally!) after the baby is born - although I won’t miss swollen ankles and trying to turn over in bed.

Since I had my third child, everyone asks me if this is the last one. I often wonder myself. I go through bouts of “I’ve had it, I’m getting my tubes tied this time!” Usually this happens after a particularly disappointing day. Yesterday, Father’s Day, was such a day. We had a few very hot days in a row and everyone has been grouchy. We suffered a lot from the “gimmes” and “I wants.” And of course, I had an idea in my head of how Father’s Day was going to go! So, when it became a bickering free for all between the 11, 13 and 4 year olds - I almost lost my mind - and started to wonder what on earth I was thinking when I decided to have all of these kids!

Of course, everything looks better in the morning and with less swollen ankles and a little rest in my pocket, I’m once again happy to have so many - even though I still don’t know why I like having such a big family, or whether or not this is my last!

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