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Wear your watch on your RIGHT wrist to help your heart

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:11am
[p.s. I fixed this to reflect some copyright laws I wasn't aware of]

After that post on how metals on your body can do weird things to you, I stopped wearing my watch and have forgotten to put it on. What's odd is that I feel different. Not better/worse, but different. But I always instinctively take the watch off when I meditate, etc. I'm very sensitive to energy. So check this out:


Author: Victoria Anisman-Reiner

Published: Apr 4, 2007

If you’re right-handed, you probably wear a watch on your left wrist. You might consider switching, however, when you consider the impact that your watch’s battery can have on the health of your heart meridian and, ultimately, on your heart.

...Wearing any piece of jewelry for long can bring on fatigue or have the opposite effect and make the wearer over-energized . Some people are so sensitive that they have to remove earrings or other jewelry after only a few minutes, because the metal charges with their energy and begins to affect the way they feel.

read more here .
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