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Ways We Were Crunchy – Ways We Were Not - A Holiday Recap

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:42pm

As we wind down the holidays I started thinking about how we celebrated this year. Often after an extended break from school I find my plans for my family are in complete disarray. I’ve strayed from the course and loaded them up with junk food, junk toys and junk images.

This year, in my semi occasional analysis, I don’t feel that I have done too bad. I’ve stayed the not-quite crunchy course and , may I say it, I’m relatively proud!

Ways we were crunchy...

Our Holiday baking included: organic sugar cookies with organic icing and organic M&Ms type candies.

We hung wooden garlands on our tree, forgoing the synthetic tinselly ones that shed all over the house (note the alternative motive).

We hung no outside lights outside our house, opting instead for poinsettias and wreaths – partly because we were too lazy to untangle them and used a “planet saving” excuse instead.

We featured our wooden train set and created a wooden Christmas village under the tree. Why buy an expensive electric train and light up village when we have a perfectly good child driven one collecting dust in the playroom?

We bought mostly non-electronic toys including Tinker Toys, a wooden farm and Legos.

We went to see The Nutcracker – the full on version- the kids made it through the whole thing!

We made a batch of Christmas ornaments this year- not salt dough this time…we used Sculpty...does that count as crunchy?

Ways we were not…

Watched lots of movies. Probably too many. We even “plugged the kids in” on Christmas Eve so the adults could enjoy dinner in peace.

Our Christmas tree featured a string of decidedly uncrunchy lights that played snips of Christmas carols and which my DH hooked up to a remote so we could exhibit tackiness from all over the house.

We purchased a plastic, battery operated cleaning cart for my DS – he’s been asking for one for years!

We perhaps, indulged in a few too many story CDs…not as bad as television but perhaps a little too hands off.

We ate cupcakes with 4 inches of super high sugar and preservative laden icing on New Year’s day…for breakfast.

My DS stayed up late almost every night – no 7:00 bedtime around here…try 10:00 too many nights in a row.

All in all…not too bad…how about you?

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