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Ways to Stay Green(er) While You Do Your Shipping

Posted Dec 06 2011 2:13pm
The holidays are the busiest shipping time around the country. There are people shipping gifts near and far, as well as doing tons of online purchasing. Without a doubt, a lot of packages are being moved around during the month of December. While there is no way to be completely environmentally friendly in the shipping process, there are things you can do to make the process a bit greener. Here are some ways to help make shipping your packages this season easier on the planet: 
  • Make an effort to buy gifts that are lighter in weight. This will also add to the overweight reduction in the truck or plane, and it will be better on your pocketbook, as well.
  • If you are able to, purchase the gift online and have it shipped directly to the person. This cuts out one whole shipping transaction, as opposed to buying online, having it shipped to you and then re-packaging it yourself and shipping it back out again.
  • When packaging your gifts, re-use boxes from your home. If you look around, you will likely find boxes from your kitchen that can be used, even if they   need to be cut and turned inside out (e.g., cereal boxes). If you don’t have any, ask your grocery store for one. Whatever you do, avoid purchasing new boxes, which would be a waste of resources.
  • Make your own packaging material, rather than buying it. You can do this by bunching up old newspapers or junk mail flyers.
  • Let your packages pile up and make one trip to ship them, so that you don’t use additional resources making separate trips.
 There is also a good chance that at least a package or two will be coming your way. When you do receive one, keep the planet in mind and recycle as much as you can from the packaging.
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