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Watered-Down Baby Formula Almost Kills Baby

Posted Dec 04 2008 4:13pm

I was watching the news the other day, and watched this story about a five-month-old who was nearly killed by watered-down baby formula.

The mother told the story of how, in order to save money, she waters down her baby’s formula - never thinking that the extra water could hurt her baby!

This is quite possibly the saddest thing I have ever heard! This mother is struggling to buy expensive baby formula for her baby - thinking it is what is best for him…when she could have been feeding the child plentifully - and without watering down - if she had simply chosen to breastfeed him.

I don’t know why this mother chose formula. I have a feeling it has something to do with “not being able to breastfeed,” a common misconception among young mothers who are not informed of proper latching on procedures - and unable to afford expensive hospital lactation consultants.

At 19, I was a new mom who had no examples for breastfeeding and was also unable to afford an $80 per hour lactation consultant. I struggled for two weeks with my screaming newborn, rock hard watermelon boobs, raging hormones and the residual pain of a first natural childbirth not kindly done.

It was by sheer determination - and my baby’s willingness to eat out of whatever nipple was put in his mouth - that we were able to succeed at a full-year of nursing.

How frightening for this young mom to feel that she was helping her baby - and her pocketbook - and ended up nearly killing him.

I feel so helpless sometimes that we are determined to make formula and bottles the “norm” in American society. Encourage breastfeeding! You might save a baby’s life…

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