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Water Saving Products

Posted Oct 15 2008 9:22pm

A couple of quick facts before we get going, courtesy of Environment Canada:

- About 70% of the earth is covered in water.

 - The total amount of water in the world is approximately 1.4 billion km 3, of which 97.5% is saltwater and 2.5% is fresh water.

 - Of the 35 million km 3 of freshwater on earth, about 24.4 million km 3 are locked up in the form of glacial ice, permafrost, or permanent snow.

 - Of all fresh water not locked up in ice caps or glaciers, some 20% is in areas too remote for humans to access and of the remaining 80% about three-quarters comes at the wrong time and place – in monsoons and floods – and is not always captured for use by people. The remainder is less than 0.08 of 1% of the total water on the planet.

- Expressed another way, if all the earth’s water were stored in a 5-litre container, available fresh water would not quite fill a teaspoon.

So, with our most valuable resource as scarce as it is, especially when you factor in contamination and population growth, it becomes abundantly clear that making a conscious effort to preserve what little fresh water we have is as inevitable as it is necessary.   However, it is also leading to some tremendously innovative products and services in the global marketplace.  


Down under, the website WATERSAVINGTECHNOLOGY.COM.AU   offers a plethora of water saving products divided conveniently into categories forAutomotive,Bathroom,Books,Garden,Home,Laundry,Pools,Rainwater Tank Accessories,Specials,Water Diverters andWaterless Products.  


Meanwhile, the Caroma Toilet is a relatively simple design that has been proven to reduce water consumption by over 50 per cent in restaurant and office washrooms, while cutting nearly 70 per cent from single-family dwellings.  


By allowing the user the option of a ‘dual-flush,’ choosing between a 3-litre mini-flush or a 6-litre full flush, Caroma has got the jump on what’s sure to become a competitive field of water conserving toilets.


In the UK, Thomas Dudley Ltd. offers a wide variety of Water Saving products, including a similar dual flush system.

By Danny Mendlow at The Element Agency, in Vancouver

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