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Walks #99 and #100: Wildflower Knowledge Deficiency Syndrome..

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:00am

Yesterday, I took a thirty minute walk around the hospital grounds before work. I worked the day and hopped into my proletarian Toyota Echo and zipped back to the Homestead. Today is a work day. I'm building more rock stem wall.

But I took an hour and a half to walk with my pup. It is wildflower time here in the Foothills of the Sierra. I am convinced that the ability to remember (or learn) the names of flowers is located on the same gene that gives me the inability to learn another language. I think it is also very near the same gene that gives me the inability to appreciate poetry.

Look at other nature blogs (you will find many excellent ones if you push the nature blog button to the right) and you will find all sorts of fancy Naturalists stating: "the pink Eggheaded Ranger flower gets pollinated by its symbiotic relationship with the Slow Footed Carpenter Bee who dies an excruciatingly painful death after gathering the Eggheaded Ranger Flower's pollen." Or something like that.

Not that I can't learn; it just goes awfully slow.

Joni knows almost everything there is about flowers, in my view. She is always pointing out some beautiful bud to me. I nod my head, knowing I'm gonna forget what she said.

Joni has a friend who has marketed her own book on Wildflowers of the Rockies. Filled with great photos! Catalogued to species. An excellent book. I pick up her book once and awhile and thumb through it. Such talent!

I got an email from a friend the other day who wrote this:

Walked the east side of Diablo all afternoon today and found abundant and varied wildflowers. I've always wondered about how folks know how to name plants using a book, a description, and a picture. The pictures in my books almost look like the plant I am trying to identify, but then they also almost look like the plant growing next to my subject, except for a little difference which aren't noted anywhere in the guidebook. Its fun though.

I agree!

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