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Walks #277 and #278: Those Old Work Shoes...

Posted Oct 07 2009 12:00am

Sometimes the Universe conspires for you; sometimes things go the other way. Both are good.

I'd spent most of the last week working shifts my body wasn't used to. I also worked some extra shifts. Then I stayed out much too late and ended up behaving like a self-righteous ass.

Then a double. And the awful double back on not enough sleep. Sleep deprivation. Then the clientele shifted to be the sort that keeps you on your feet for an entire shift.

Time to rally. I did, but it took its toll. My work shoes (which I have been wearing for years) were inadequate to keep my feet and legs from being beat up by the hard floors of the hospital. My legs ached after this run.

Time for new work shoes.

I took one short walk behind the library in St. Helena on Monday night. Then back to the Monastic Dorm to watch Bret Favre work his magic against his former team.

Being in the upper stratosphere of my 40's, I have come to enjoy those who are considered too old to work their profession. Watching Favre was every middle aged man's dream.

On Tuesday I took a short walk in a park on my way back to the Solar Homestead. Legs and feet aching from the pounding they had experienced during this marathon work session. Enough.

Time for a nine day break from the Psych Mills. No extra shifts for me.

I was greeted happily last night by the Girls: Jazzy, Kylie, Joni and Angel the dog. Four good reasons to get your feet and legs beat up...

And in addition: The Minnesota Twins won the Division!! This felt like redemption for me. The Universe takes yet another turn...

By the way, some photos have been added to previous posts. I am caught up!
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