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Walks #136 and #137: A Different Life...

Posted May 18 2009 12:00am
Still in the Napa Valley.

Yesterday, a warmish walk in the late evening around the hospital grounds. Today a tad longer walk around this little hillside settlement of Deer Park, where the hospital is.

My friend R.O. told me the other day that I have a really strange life. "You spend five days every two weeks in the lap of luxury that is the Napa Valley; then you are home for the rest of the time hanging out with the Rednecks in Concow". Yup. It is different. I like it that way.

For how much longer will I have this "different life"? I don't know. Seems that cuts are in the wind. 50 jobs lost in our hospital last Friday. Uncertain times in an uncertain occupation (psychiatry).

Back to walking. Such a joy it is to just take a simple walk. Tonight I watched two Stellar Jays squabble with two Scrub Jays. I looked at them and asked, in Rodney King fashion, "Can't you guys just get along"?

I rarely see anybody on these walks. Maybe a nurse now and then walking to their car. Even when I take a walk in the small towns around here, like St. Helena--I almost never see a pedestrian in the residential sections of town. Pedestrians are becoming a rare sighting--as rare as the wolverines that have just re-established themselves in the Sierra. Or Jaguars in Arizona.

Another thought while walking today: Community is the antidote to consumerism. We don't need to keep up with the Jones'--we need to take a walk with the Jones'. Flights into materialism and consumerism, I think, are spurred more by innate loneliness than a desire to have something. Create walking communities and I bet the need for things goes way down.

Being lonely is good for business. I think that is why they created suburbs.
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