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Walk #69: A Walk with Abbey, part two.

Posted Mar 11 2009 12:00am
Walk Duration: Forty minutes...

Yes, I'm getting tired of my daily route. Could use some variety. Or at least some warmer temperatures. I can't complain. 55 degrees Fahrenheit with sunny skies is nice. But 70 degrees...would that help my motivation problem?

Back to Ed Abbey. I re-read Desert Solitaire making note of Abbey's references to walking. I found thirteen references to specific walks he took. A couple of those walks last for whole chapters.

Abbey's fourth and fifth walks were in the chapter entitled: "Water". In the desert, there is much talk, and thinking about water. Abbey describes a hike he took in the Grand Canyon--leaving without enough water
"I took with me only a quart of water, thinking that would be enough for a mere fourteen mile downhill hike on a warm day in August." Dumb. I did something similar once.

Abbey's description of making it to the Colorado River is classic
"Dreamily, deliriously I waded into the waist deep water and fell on my face. Like a sponge I soaked moisture up through every pore, letting the current bear me along beneath a canopy of overhanging willow trees. I had no fear of drowning in the water--I intended to drink it all."

Later in the chapter Abbey describes quicksand. Specifically how his friend got mired in such on a hike. A hilarious account of helping out a friend. Abbey's fifth reference to walking...

Abbey's enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious. We want to walk as he did. Head out without enough water, through the quicksand--relying only on our wits and stamina to survive.
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