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Walk#65: Happy Birthday Allan

Posted Mar 08 2009 12:00am
Walk Duration: 2 1/2 hours...

Would you have a beer with this man?

My 48th birthday today. After work I walked down to a gathering of friends. Past the vineyards. A hawk flies out of a tree. The purpose of this walk was to gather at the Silverado Brewery for my birthday celebration.

A good celebration as such things go. We drank beers and cheered my good fortune at living yet another year. Hurray!

I ended up staying much too long. And then walking back to the hospital housing with a bit of a buzz. A friend who I haven't seen for a long time made an appearance with his fiance'. I feel appreciated and loved.

A word about psychiatric professionals; what a weird bunch of folks we are! Always in the forefront of defending the odd and powerless. Quick to disappear when the check arrives. We drink too much and have stories to tell about various folks we have cared for. Personally, I've cared for folks who would have me destroyed to say I have cared for them. No kiss and tell stories here: except when psychiatric professionals gather. When the libations flow, we are free to pat ourselves on the back (nobody else does).

More and more we see our culture descending into barbarism. No avoiding that. My fear is that soon all psychiatric professionals will be gone. Replaced by No one, or by unqualified professionals (Colorado's mental health system being a case in point). Nobody much cares for the least of these anymore.

So it is Happy Birthday Allan. 48.

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