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Walk #42: Dreams of Walking Sticks.

Posted Feb 12 2009 12:00am
Walk Duration: One Hour, Ten Minutes.

"Jesus ordered them to take nothing for their journey but their Staff "(walking stick). From the Gospel of Mark 6:7.

I dreamed of Walking Sticks last night.

I have a favorite. It is pictured above. It is Manzanita...which is a very hard wood. It resists Angel's chewing and has a reddish tone to it. The second photo is a collection of sticks we have gathered from the property. I have plenty to share.

In the Gospels, Jesus seems to be of two minds about Walking Sticks. In the Gospel of Mark, he commands his followers to carry one. In other Gospels he states to journey without a Walking Stick. Some have said that this is part Jesus's Mission of non-violence. To not carry a Walking Stick in the countryside of Galilee was a radical act of non-violence.

Personally, I think He used a Walking Stick (but was still non-violent).

I use one for a number of reasons. First off, there are the wild critters. A couple of summers ago I had the misfortune of stepping on a Rattlesnake (he didn't like that). He didn't strike me; he just bolted away directly at Joni. Joni danced out of the Rattler's way (I must say that she shrieked!). I never knew Rattlers could rattle their tails while not being coiled and slithering away at a rapid clip. Ever since then, I carry a Walking Stick as a way to redirect any Rattlesnakes I encounter.

I also find the Walking Stick to be helpful for propelling my ample self up hills. Give those legs a little upper body assistance while climbing! And where ever I go out here, when you live on a Ridge, going up and down hills is inevitable. Which makes a good argument for Walkers to move to the flat lands of Kansas. Or Nebraska.

A Tripod is more stable than a Biped. Simple physics. Call it a human body design flaw (with apologies to the "Intelligent Design" folks). I am less apt to fall while hanging on to my Walking Stick. It catches me when I trip, or am clumsy. Seems the older I get, I'm less resilient to gravity and falls. I've fractured both arms, a toe and a rib in the last five years.

How was your walk today?
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