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Walk #322: A Family Walk...

Posted Nov 18 2009 12:00am
Joni had the idea of taking a family walk after school. When you walk with three young ladies and a female dog--guess who is ready first?
I always strike the same self important pose for these sorts of photos...

And there they go...

Can you find the girl in the tree? And who is it?

And find the other girl in this tree? Who is it? I quipped to Joni that she was teaching the girls civil disobedience--given that Joni did time in a prison for a tree sit.

And what does a family talk about while walking? Christmas, of course. Specifically--what the girls want for Christmas. Here Jazzie sulks after being told she probably would not get a Pug puppy for Christmas.

In case you are wondering, here is what the girls want
Kylie: an mp3 player with speakers; a Zip line from her Fort to the house (that will be encouraged);and her own bedroom (makes me feel guilty--gotta get on that).

Jazzy: A Wii (absolutely not); a digital camera (good choice); a lap top (maybe a couple for the whole family); a cell phone (no way!); a pug dog (telling her no caused tears) ; and a hamster (maybe).
And Joni: More chickens...
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