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Walk #218: Ed Abbey's House and Delicate Arch...

Posted Aug 09 2009 12:00am
Friday morning. I finish up the work at the courthouse, make a few telephone calls and then drive to Moab, Utah. While there I met a knowledgeable man who told me where Ed Abbey lived in the 1970's (of course, he also lived at Arches National Park and near Ken Sleight's ranch). The house below is where he lived in the mid 70's
It is a simple house. From here he wrote many fine books, including "The Monkey Wrench Gang". By the way, the house is for sale. Joni gave me permission to investigate how much they want for it. Joni said she would love for me to own Ed Abbey's house...

Off to Arches National Park. A petroglyph panel near the Delicate Arch Trail

Climbing the trail to Delicate Arch should be on everyone's "life list". Climbing the slickrock to the top is sure joy. Yes, it is crowded. It should be. This is one of the best sacred sites nature has ever made.

It is around 4 pm on a hot August day. A person really should hike this trail with sunscreen, snacks, a sun hat and lots of water. Doing it on the hottest part of an August day with inadequate physical training is not recommended.

Oh well. I coaxed my Michael Mooreish body up the trail. Hot sun blazing. On the way, I made sure I had my health insurance card with me.

I did bring water. And two Snickers bars (the best energy bar ever made).

And here I am at Delicate Arch...

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