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Walk #18: The Paradise Trail....

Posted Jan 18 2009 12:00am
On another very warm January day--we hopped in the van, threw in all our dirty laundry and the dog-- and went to Church in Paradise (Episcopal--they resonate the most with me, given their long history, beautiful rituals and progressive, religious tolerance--if its good enough for Elaine Pagels and Bishop Spong, it is good enough for me).

After Church Joni and the girls dropped the dog and I off at the head of the trail that runs through the spine of Paradise, California. The walk to get to the trail is not very pedestrian friendly. No sidewalks (no development should ever be built without sidewalks!)
Deer Ticks are abundant in this part of California...leading to the growth industry below
The trail starts at "the Depot". This park and path were completed in 2006...and it has all the beauty of a concrete Soviet Style Apartment Complex. Very poor design. Downright ugly. This is how to take a beautiful building built in 1906 and turn it into something totally bland and obnoxious. Forty feet of concrete surrounds the building leading right up to the walls of the otherwise gorgeous Depot

The trail itself is under used. I met nine people on the six mile walk.

One thing Paradise does have are cottages. The housing in this little town is proletarian simple in design. Gorgeous! Non-pretentious.

Through out the six miles of the walk, most of the houses are pretty little cottages like these:

Graffiti on a bench! Another rebellious teenager that will have to learn the hard way that drug abuse leads absolutely no where...

More graffiti. On this rock someone spray painted SWP. Could it be that the very left wing "Socialist Workers Party" is making a resurgence in America? By the way, I'm usually not one to promote old left wing political parties, but there have been some pretty decent pieces written lately in the Socialist Workers Party's web-site.
They seem to be making a bit of a resurgence...I even saw a talking head from their newspaper on GritTV the other day. Refreshing!

A two hour walk today with a leashed dog. Met Joni and the girls at the laundromat after the walk.
How was your walk?
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