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Walk #16: A Short Stroll...

Posted Jan 16 2009 12:00am
Rules evolve.

My minimum walk requirement is thirty minutes. And that's what we did today. After all, we took a long walk yesterday; today is a work day on our Solar, "off the grid", Primitive Green Addition.

This is a rather bizarre "off the grid" community. When we first bought this place, and then moved here--I thought we would be surrounded by Green, Granola Loving, War Hating, Yoga Doing, Hippie Folk. Who else would want to live "off the grid"?


The reality is that we pretty much are surrounded by a smorgasbord of Traditional Rednecks, Pot Smoking Rednecks (a curious breed--and quite dangerous if you stumble on where they cultivate cannabis), Jesus Loving (and people hating), Tribulation Waiting Christians and Disabled Folks trying to make their Social Security Checks last. Not a peace sign to be seen anywhere. And the dog of choice is the "pit bull". They are everywhere. That's partly why I carry a walking stick. Forget Mountain Lions (although they are around here--a neighbor had one under his porch that didn't spook when he came home last Spring)--the biggest danger is getting mauled by a pit bull.

In the photo above, Angel frolics with a pit bull we met along the way today. A neighbor's dog. Friendly.

How much are you walking?
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