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Vote Today - How To Recycle Campaign Signs Tomorrow For An Eco Clean and Green Election

Posted Nov 02 2010 9:01am

Green Idea: Approach your community about outlawing election signs next election!

You think I am kidding about outlawing election signs - I know - but imagine how much money, energy, and time it takes to create millions and millions of election signs. The numbers are astronomical.

Last election my youngest daughter noticed that one particular candidate did not clean up his signs. They stood on every street corner within a four mile radius of our home for nearly three months. Every time we passed a sign my daughter chanted a little song, "DO NOT VOTE FOR XYZ, HE IS A LITTER-BUG HEE HEE HEE!!"


Finally, out of frustration for losing my mind to kid-singing insanity, I got out of my car in below freezing weather and cleaned up the signs. It was the right thing to do - no one wants to see this candidate's litter all over the road side. It surprised and embarrassed me that it took ME months to get to the clean up and that I was the only one to do it. I guess I thought someone else should be responsible. In the end, we are all responsible for our community.

In fact, I have made a concentrated effort to rethink my vote for anyone who puts these signs up. It is a tremendous waste of energy and money and many of the campaign signs are not able to be recycled.

If you are concerned about the excessive campaign sign waste in your community, why not try recycling them?


1.  Wire frames are recyclable at your local aluminum recycling center - FOR CASH! Make money off of the candidates and feed your family by collecting as many signs as you can and turning them in to the metal recycler.

2.  Corrugated plastic campaign signs can be painted over. You can make garage sale signs or wrap them in old holiday wrap to make holiday decorations for your front lawn. Imagine "packages" resting under your pine trees during the holiday season.

3.  Paper signs can be cut up and placed under your garden mulch. It functions as an extra layer of weed protection which eventually bio-degrades into the soil.

4.  Large political banners are made of weatherproof vinyl tarp-style material which is easily reused as a blanket for the homeless or sewing them into carry-bags and donated to the local library for book bag give-aways.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have some creative ideas for recycling campaign signs.

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