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VOTE: Slow Money on’s Top 10 Ideas for Change in America

Posted Mar 11 2010 1:18am


The fine folks at are mobilizing their community to rally around a single idea to present to the White Housean idea that could change America for the better.

Here’s the thing: we want our idea to win. We think it’s a pretty good one, and we hope you’ll think so, too. But we need your help. Voting ends in two short days, so go vote!

What am I voting for, exactly? you ask? Read on…

We need to bring our money back down to earth. Anyone with a 401K or an IRA account is an investor, and we investors need to reconnect to the places where we live. 

Think about it: if we invest just 1% of that money in local food instead of Wall Street gimmicks, we’d grow carrots instead of derivatives, beets instead of bonuses. We’d create a thriving economy that makes real, healthy food, instead of a fake one that just makes money for bankers. Let’s invest our money where our food is.

We will be recognizing the wisdom of Paul Newman: “I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer who puts back into the soil what he takes out.”

- Slow Money AllianceFeb 12 @ 09:38AM PST


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