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Vacation Eats Two: Victoria BC, Seattle yums, and a Texas treat

Posted Jul 31 2009 10:51am
Well, ladies and gents, let's start with the joy that was our trip to Victoria on this long and winding honeymoon! We got our tattoos as planned, and the experience was terrific. The folks at Tattoo Zoo were great, and we had a really wonderful experience from start to finish.

I found out about Tattoo Zoo from some of my favorite cookbooks, authored by the sparkly and inspiring Sarah Kramer. When we were planning a trip to the NW, the location Victoria, BC kept ringing a bell and I finally remembered that that's where Mrs. Kramer and her husband, tattoo artist extraordinaire, are located. We called the tattoo shop on a whim and were totally excited to make appointments for a robot bride & groom.

I did get a little starstruck, due to my favorite cookbook author and her cutie pup popping in while I was there, but I managed to keep it under wraps, as I was laying backwards on a table getting ink buzzed into my skin about a zillion miles a minute. Brad has the gorgeous retro robot lady on his leg, and I have the Hollywood handsome mechanical man on mine. The pics look a little dull, but they are crazy and brightly colored and awesome! I can't say enough good things about Gerry Kramer and the Tattoo Zoo gang. Getting a tattoo can be such an experience...good or bad, and these guys are running a terrific shop! We smile every time we look at the (currently crusty and healing) robot lovers on our legs!

Brad's leg:

Legs together!

Best tattoo experience for us both yet...and we have a lotta ink between us! Onto more food...We had some tasty vegan pizza at The Joint in Victoria, which is next to Tattoo Zoo. This pizza was really yummy. The crust was fluffy and the cheese was a nice noochy style sauce. It was a really good and unexpected alternative to fakey cheeses. I also had vegan pepperonis and regularly vegetable-based black olives :P

For dinner we propped up our aching legs in the hotel room and feasted on a crazy variety of vegan meat/seafood takeout from Lotus Pond in Victoria. The egg rolls... droooool!!! There was fake shrimp, fake ham, fake duck (I guess...I've never had real duck!), fake everything!

We headed back to Seattle on an evening clipper ship and started the next day with this masterpiece of a sweet at one of the cute coffee shops on 1st Ave. where we stayed.

After lots of days of funfunfun, we headed back towards home. Before driving back into real life, we had one last meal on vacation at the yummy Spiral Diner in Dallas, Tx. Behold...the Paul Reuben!

Brad had the Brutal Tacos. He would have preferred for it to be spelled Br00 tal to reflect their hardcore- ness.

I ended the meal with a cookie sundae and some Tofurky Jerky for the ride home. There was lots of food and excitement in between all these highlights. The trip was terrific and it's definitely hard to settle back into work and such, but there is nothing like snuggling up at home with our pets and each other!!! <3>
P.S. Click here to check out Brad's corresponding post on vacation vinyl!!
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