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Upholstery Care Top Ten List for your Furniture

Posted Oct 28 2010 10:05am

Danny’s Upholstery

Your One Stop Upholstery Shop

4940 Rutherford Rd.

Virginia Beach, VA 23455




Danny’s Upholstery in Virginia Beach Presents an Upholstery Care Top 10 List


If you are like most homeowners and business owners, your upholstered furniture represents a large investment, right up there with items such as your personal autos, outdoor recreation vehicles, or even new kitchen counter tops. Like everything else, your furniture upholstery has specific maintenance and care requirements, some of which you may not be familiar with.


Here is Our Upholstery Care Top 10 List:


  1. Avoid fabric sun damage such as color fading and weakened fibers by positioning upholstered furniture away from south facing windows, out of direct sunlight.

Danny’s Extra Tip:When placing furniture out of direct sunlight isn’t possible, try to keep the blinds closed or angling away from furniture.

  1. Vacuum upholstered furniture frequently and thoroughly. Even your furniture in formal sitting areas that see little use, accumulating dust particles can damage the fibers of your upholstery fabric over time.

Danny’s Extra Tip:This is especially important when animals are in the home. Remember to vacuum areas they can brush up against as well.

  1. “Damp dust” head rest areas, arm rests, and all horizontal surfaces after vacuuming to remove any surface soiling that was not removed by vacuuming. Body oils that accumulate in the fabric will attract and hold soils that could otherwise be vacuumed away. Dampen a white cotton terry towel in a solution of 1 cup warm water with ¼ teaspoon of liquid castile soap for an eco-friendly fabric cleaner. Ring the towel dry as possible then wipe furniture with damp cloth. Note: Always pre-test in an inconspicuous area first and follow the cleaning code recommended for your fabric type.

Danny’s Extra Tip:Alwaysuse white towel. A great eco-friendly suggestion, try an old pair of white socks.

  1. Share the wear! Rotate and flip the cushions around if possible.

Danny’s Extra Tip:We offer custom cut foam and can redo cushions. Call Danny’s Upholstery for a free estimate, 757-363-5889.

  1. Avoid contact with newspapers on upholstery fabric as the newsprint can transfer to the fabric. If allowed to accumulate it can be very difficult to remove.

Danny’s Extra Tip:Have your upholstery fabrics treated when they are new and/or after professionally cleaned.

  1. Avoid using dark colored blankets and throw pillows on light colored fabrics. The dyes can transfer to the fabric even when dry. The dyes in blue jeans and other dark colored clothing can also transfer to upholstery fabrics causing permanent discoloration.

Danny’s Extra Tip:Have you been looking for that specific throw pillow and can’t find it? Danny’s Upholstery can make them for you.  

  1. Upholstery fabrics are delicate and often aggressive cleaning methods cannot be used safely. It is good practice to keep all substances that have the ability to cause permanent stains away from your upholstery fabrics whenever possible. Paint, ink, nail polish, beverages with artificial colors like Kool-aid and orange soda, etc.

Danny’s Extra Tip:Can’t find a fabric for your latest project? Danny’s Upholstery has a full showroom of fabric samples. Pick yours out today and have within 2-3 days. We also have some fabrics in stock for your convenience.

  1. The zippers are there for the convenience of the upholsterer. They are not a sign that it is safe to remove the covers for dry cleaning or machine washing. Always consult a certified upholstery professional before attempting upholstery cleaning at home.

Danny’s Extra Tip:In many cases, Danny’s can repair your furniture. We do frame repairs, foam replacement and more. Have a question: ASK DANNY,

  1. Do not wait until upholstery fabrics are visibly soiled before getting professional service. By then it is often too late for a routine cleaning and restorative methods may be required. These methods are more costly, come with more risks, and cleaning results may be limited.

Danny’s Extra Tip:Going Green? Think Upholstery! Danny’s offers free estimates for all of your upholstery needs. We can come to you or you can stop by our shop. Have you been thinking about getting your chair repaired or re-upholstery but not sure how to get it to us? Danny’s has a pick up and delivery service.

  1. Regular upholstery cleaning every two years or so will keep your upholstery clean and looking beautiful for many years.

Danny’s Extra Tip:When we clean our furniture, we rent a machine from the grocery store, it seems to be the most cost effective way for us.


Danny's Upholstery is located in Virginia Beach and is Your One Stop Upholstery Shop for your auto, home, office, marine and business. Owned and operated by master craftsman, Danny White, who has over 30 years experience meeting the upholstery needs for the Hampton Roads community.


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