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Understanding the Dell Latitude D820 Battery

Posted Mar 27 2013 1:53am

A laptop is one of the basic things most have in their daily life. Whether for business use or personal use, the laptop is one of those gadgets that blend convenience and performance in your day to day computing activities. Unlike the desktop computers the portability nature of this gadget is what that drives its popularity. However, one factor remains constant in laptops and computers for them to operate and this is an energy source. Power to laptops such as the Dell Latitude D820 is the key area not only in the design of the gadget but also maintenance. With this in mind, the battery is then considered to be the heart of the laptop.


How to choose a battery for Dell Latitude D820

The Dell Latitude laptop was designed for the small business, corporate and academic users. For this the screen and also its total weight is smaller than that of its predecessor the Dell Inspiron. With this in mind it comes with a 6 cell lithium battery. When you are changing your battery, you can choose an upgrade to the 9 cell lithium battery. You should also be sure to check the specs and see if they correspond to that of the charger or adapter you currently use. Other tips to help you in shopping for the right battery are;


* Always choose an original product. Regardless of the brand that you choose, ensure that both the adapter and the  Dell laptop battery  are original. One can also go for that that offers a warranty of their product.


* Choose a reputable and certified dealer. This is one of the best ways to avoid counterfeit products whose sub-standard may not only cause inconvenience but may also destroy your Dell Latitude D820.


* Choose new over second hand. This is in regards to the laptop battery but may not apply to other accessories such as charger. A second hand battery most probably has exhausted its life span and there is no guarantee if it will serve you for a reasonable time. However going for a second hand adapter or charger can be advantageous since it is less likely to be counterfeit.


How to maintain the  Dell Latitude D820 battery


Obviously the most frustrating challenge to any laptop owner or user is the battery life and also the optimization of the power. These factors will be mostly determined on the manner in which the day to day applications are run, conditions it is operated upon and also the care given to the hardware. Some of the useful tips in battery care are;


* Charge the battery correctly. The main issue when doing this is making sure that the battery does not completely discharge for it to be recharged.


* Keep it clean and dry always.


* Defragment the disk regularly.


* Use power saving options such as dimming lights and also hibernating when not in use.


Use the right  Dell Latitude D820 adapter. This will not only help in extending the battery life but also protect the laptop from damage that might be caused by faulty chargers.


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