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Tylenol recall: disposing drugs safely

Posted May 03 2010 10:27am

by kiwilog


We’ve all heard about the Children’s Tylenol recall by now: If you have certain Infant’s or Children’s Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec, or Benadryl, you shouldn’t give them to your kids.

But then what? You can’t give them to your kids, so what do you do with the bottles on your shelves? Last time I saw KIWI’s pediatrician, Dr. Rosen (we chatted before his appearance on Good Morning America ), we talked about safe ways to get rid of prescription and OTC drugs. (I just moved, and had a medicine cabinet to clean out.) 

He told me that number one, we should not flush drugs down the toilet. That’s dangerous for our water supply . Throwing them in the trash is better, but best of all is to get them to a group that can dispose of them with other hazardous waste. Dr. Rosen’s office participates in this kind of drug take-back program; call your doctor or pharmacist to find out if they do, too (or search for recycling centers for “unwanted or expired medication” at ).

-Sarah, KIWI editorial director

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