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Turn Your iPhone Green with iPhone Eco Accessories and the New Eco-app from AT&T

Posted Oct 27 2010 12:00am
The TRTL STAND 4 for the iPhone 4
The TRTL STAND 4 is an eco friendly iPhone case made out of recycled plastic bottles that props up your phone in different orientations. The TRTL STAND 4 is made in the USA.
- Props up your iPhone
- Portrait (ideal for FaceTime)
- Landscape (ideal for watching
- Tripod  (ideal for timed photos)
- Made from recycled plastic bottles
- Protects iPhone from damage
Love  it? Buy Now for just $35

Right now we might not all be able to live off of the grid, grow our own food and drive an electric car.  What we can do is find little ways to live green and make green consumer choices for the things we love and use in our everyday lives. Now I am not one of the lucky ones who get to use use an iPhone. My cell service is through Verizon as my hubby switched it from AT&T about 8 years ago because their coverage kind of really, well, for lack of a better term, sucked.

The Minimalist™3G 3GS WHITE for iPhone 3G/3GS & BLACK for iPhone 4
Eco friendly iPhone cases that hold your identification and credit cards.
- Holds up to 3 ID/Credit Cards
- Made from recycled plastic
- Protects iPhone from damage
- Made in USA
$25 Buy for iPhone 3G in WHITE Now $35 Buy for iPhone 4 in BLACK Now
Who knew we were signing up to miss out on using one of the greatest cell phones ever created huh?  For those of you who use and love an iPhone, I have come across a brand spanking new, really cool free app from AT&T which will totally help you live greener (seriously) and as you can see, I have found some Eco-accessories that will have you wanting to turn your iPhone green.
Marware - Eco Runner iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod touch 2G
- Eco-armband case for runners and folks on the go.
- Fits iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod touch 2G.
- Eco-friendly materials.
- Armband case is secure, comfortable, and stretchable.
- Clear cover protects display without interfering with screen usage.
- Includes: Eco-Prene sleeve and attached armband which is better for our earth than Neo-prene!
$23 Click to Buy Now
Now I have heard some greenies complaining about this new Eco-app from AT&T but I think they are wacked.  Some folks are saying that this new Eco-app is just a ploy for AT&T to subliminally show how green they are as a cell carrier even though their coverage sucks.  Give me a break.  So that makes me not want to use it?  

The find the nearest recycler feature alone is enough to make me lust after this Eco-app. Powered by, the Eco App Recycling Center Directory offers a simple way to locate the nearest recycling center. From the app’s home page, users type in their zip code or select their city, and choose the category and items they want to recycle. The directory automatically provides the closest recycling location in the directory. Locations may recycle plastic, paper, electronics, glass, metal, automotive, household, yard and other materials. 

Marware - Eco Vue iPhone 3G/3GS Black
- Reinforced case made with Eco-Fiber (cornstarch polymers).
- Open-faced design for full touch screen access.
- Secure top strap closure system.
- Includes: Eco-Fiber jacket, clear screen protector, and cleaning cloth.
Buy it Now for just $20
The AT&T Eco-app also makes it easy to donate to reforestation and watch it grow.  Working with the Arbor Day Foundation, AT&T will have a tree planted for every customer who opts-in to paperless billing in 2010 – up to 1 million trees this year.  To measure progress toward this goal, the app’s “Counter” view provides a look at how each download impacts AT&T’s ongoing eco challenge  and how simple it is for teens and parents to opt-in to the paperless billing promotion with the Arbor Day Foundation. 

Now there is another thing I love about this Eco-app.  The app, available for iPhone and iPod touch, also supports AT&T’s broader initiative called the “One Million Eco Challenge”.  This is a program designed by AT&T to drive greater environmental awareness among youth and to encourage more energy-efficient practices every day.

Belkin - Eco Leather Case for iPhone 3G
- Leather case.
- Complete iPhone3G protection.
- Access to all controls and dock connector.
- Allows charging while in case.
- Camera lens cutout.
- Direct access to wide screen with touch controls.
- Form-fitting leather construction.
- Natural felt interior
- Custom fit for iPhone 3G.
- Constructed of environmentally preferred materials (EPM).
Click to Buy it Now for just $21
Teens and their parents (or anyone for that matter) can stay in the Know with Eco bi-monthly updates, event details and other informative push notifications to share environmental tips and announcements. What a cool way to connect with your kids right?  The tips are provided by the Arbor Day Foundation and AT&T, and include facts, ideas, and information about reforestation that teens can share with their friends.

The AT&T "Eco App" is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at As far as these cool Eco-accessories, just click on the links above in blue to buy from my Environmental Booty OpenSky Shop*.  These Eco iPhone accessories make great green gifts for yourself or for the green guy or gal you love.  No worries if you order and then it isn't all you hoped it would be..I offer a 365 day, no questions asked return policy.

Remember too that if you are looking for a green iPhone accessory you don't see here, just shoot me an email and I will do my best to find it for you. 

P.S.- I am really glad that you stopped by our Environmental Booty Blog and I hope you have learned or shared a thing or two.  I hope that , now that you've found us,  you won't lose us!  You can join our green living online community , subscribe to our posts download our community toolbar , Tweet with me on Twitter or Come Shop with Me to stay in touch!  - Shane :)

*Shipping charges apply
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