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Traveling Ireland - Visiting A Goat Dairy Farm

Posted Jun 16 2010 3:37pm

Goats. I have never thought about them much. Yet, each goat has an interesting personality and place in the world. Their soft, intelligent eyes, and sweet stance towards people makes it easy to love them. Glenisk showed me the goat farms that supply their dairy as we toured through Ireland. Meeting the goats truly helped me to understand the importance they play in our world.

As I hold the baby kids and snuggle their soft, white fur, I think about how these gentle creatures help supply a nation with healthier choices; the properties in goat milk are known to be extraordinarily beneficial. Goat milk is higher in nutrition than cow milk and, because of its differing chemical composition, is easier to digest. The vitamin, minerals and other nutrients content in goat milk is nutritionally beneficial and it can specifically help defend against iron deficiency and bone demineralization.

Goat milk is an ideal and highly compatible natural food for those who have an intolerance towards cow milk. In some cases, where infants cannot tolerate infant formulas which are based on dairy or soy products, goat milk is used as a replacement for such food products. Because goat milk has smaller fat globules (one-ninth the size of cow milk), the milk is easily digestible. Due to its rapid digestion process, more friendly bacteria and enzymes are released in the body, making it a very positive food choice for your family.

Goats supply milk, but beyond milk (for cheese, butter, milk, and yogurt), they also provide meat (for dinner). Their manure is used as an all-natural fertilizer to better help vegetable production around the globe, which makes goats a green contribution to an interrelated eco-environment shared with humans. More people in the world drink goats milk rather than cows milk, so goats have become a major source of nutritional food for many across the earth.

Ireland Goat 2010.jpg

Shawna holding a baby goat at the Boon dairy goat farm near Portumna, Ireland.

In the video at the top of this story, you see my experiences in Ireland with Glenisk as they introduce me to the Boon family, one of their major goat milk suppliers, and we have tea with them. The Boon family goat farm is near Portumna, Ireland and their amazing homestead is surrounded by a sea of organic green grass as far as the eye can see. Their warmth and happiness as a family was quite inspiring; living a greener and healthier, more organic lifestyle is foremost in their thoughts of how to raise a family in today's modern world. You will see Jan Boon (pronounced Yawn Boon), his wife Monique Schreven, their children, and Vincent Cleary, Managing Director of Glenisk, and Emma Walls, Marketing Director of Glenisk, in the video. Of course, you will also see goats!

Traveling to Ireland to meet the Boon family and see their goat farm brought an awareness of not only goats, but goats' important contribution to a healthier food choice for so many who live on our world. Seeing the Boon family living a more organic, natural way of life was an inspiration. They believe that as natural farmers they work to build a relationship with nature and the community. By doing so, they lift their lives up on a healthier life path. It is a good way to live. And goat milk products are healthy and good for you - give them a try.

Ireland Goats in the Barn.jpg

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